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*NEWS* 9/16/19

The Chang-Ghung Memorial Hospital team in Taiwan publish their first paper on Sympathetic Nerve Reconstruction (SNR)/ETS Reversal for patients that have had ETS and suffer from negative side effects.

In the paper they discuss the feasibility of sympathetic nerve reconstruction with the assistance of the Da Vinci robot and use of the sural nerve. The small sample size of 7 patients experienced significant improvement in just a few months after the ETS reversal/SNR.

Read the full paper here

Authors: Dr. Tommy Nai-Jen Chang, Dr. Lisa Wen-Yu Chen , Dr. Chin-Pang Lee, Dr. Kuo-Hsuan Chang, Dr. David Chwei-Chin Chuang , and Dr. Yin-Kai Chao

What is ETS?

Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, also known as ETS, is a procedure that cuts, clips, or removes a part of the sympathetic nerve chain in order to stop palmer hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms) or facial blushing (reddening of the face). Many people that undergo ETS surgery report serious life changing complications such as the inability to sweat above the nipple line causing overheating, severe compensatory sweating (sweating profusely in other areas of the body, Eg. Back & Chest), lack of bodily thermoregulation, mental and emotional issues due to the fight-or-flight response being interrupted by the disruption of the sympathetic chain, and pain or neuralgia in the effected areas.

Our Mission

Raise awareness on the negative side effects Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy surgery that have effected thousands of individuals around the world and gain the interest of research facilities, institutions, and doctors concerned with peripheral nerve repair so those negatively effected by the procedure can receive a practical solution to have their nerves reconstructed (SNR, Sympathetic Nerve Reconstruction).

To date, the best results for sympathetic nerve reconstruction have been with the use of the Da Vinci robot and microsutures with a 'bridge graft' technique. There is still not enough data to assess that this is the most practical method of ETS reversal.

More information on the latest research can be found on our 'Research' section of this site.

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